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January 12, 2004

I'm considering taking a class or two at City College. In the running are photography, European art history, and welding.
If I take welding I can then take advanced welding then I can take metal arts then I can take advanced metal arts.
After that I can search junkyards and find scrap metal on the sides of roads and make weird metal sculptures that would fill the backyard. Then I would retire to somewhere in the desert of New Mexico and build an energy-efficient solar-powered self-sustaining rammed earth and strawbale steel framed house with a molded aluminum roof a la Frank Gehry and dot the grounds of the house with my metal art and become a stop on People would knock on the door and try to buy pieces of the art but I would say, "Oh no, those aren't for sale, but I just took some scones out of my brick oven. Would you like to come in for a cup of rooibos tea?"
Naw, it's probably too hot in New Mexico for tea and scones.

3 cheers for jaons!

wow! it's about time i found others who shared my love for 8footwookie! :b

i'm new to this community, so i wanted to say how happy i am to be hear! :)

you guys seriously rock! ;)

i'm gonna go tell all my friends who love 8footwooke to join up to!!! :D

everyone pleae check out my journal, sometimes i write really dark poettry that i want you to comment on. i love feedback! no meanies allowed though! ;)
scratch nose

October 25 2005

"Have you ever had a 2,500 piece puzzle and you put it together and you look at it and it's very dissapointing because it's a very weak copy of what the box told you to expect so you keep looking for more pieces anywhere you can find them because you think it can get better and you've put all this work into it already and you think you still might be able to save it and get what you were promised but you suddenly realize you are being foolish because there are a finite amount of pieces and the borders are all done and you might not like the pieces you got but they all fit together and that's as good as it's going to get?
Maybe it's just me. I'm not very good at playing the fool."