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dirty_ratter's Journal

copy catter dirty ratter
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This is a community created for the fans of Jason, (aka 8footwookie) to mix and mingle and talk about Jason and how awesome he is and how awesome his package(s) is(are).

abraham lincoln, adlai stevenson, akira kurosawa, al franken, alfred hitchcock, alice waters, allen ginsberg, alternative energy sources, alton brown, america's cup, animals killing people, apple computers, architecture, art museums, barenaked ladies, baseball, beck, belle and sebastian, bill maher, bill monroe, birdland, black licorice, blue states, bluegrass, board games, bob dylan, bridges, brioche, charlie chaplin, charlie parker, charlie rose, cities, civil rights, coca-cola, conan o'brien, coyle & sharpe, curry, damien rice, daniel lanois, david shrigley, dido, director's commentary, driving like "crazy taxi", dulla, euskadi, extra-short-sleeved t-shirts, federico fellini, fleetwood mac, folkcore, francois truffaut, frank gehry, frank lloyd wright, g vs e, gemütlichkeit, good beer, good coffee, good eats, guster, hayes valley, iggy, independent films, itchyworms, james taylor, jazz, jean renoir, jerry brown, john brown, john huston, jose rizal, kürbiskernöl, liberalism, libraries, liquid bandages, louis malle, lyle lovett, macs, mandolin, marc chagall, mexican food, monopoly, movies, munich, natalie merchant, new york, nick drake, nickel creek, nimby, northern california statehood, npr, orson welles, oxfam, pablo picasso, paris, paul klee, peta, pete and pete, peter singer, pictures, pirates, pizza, racial equality, radiohead, rain, rainbow grocery, reading on bart, rem koolhaas, renzo piano, road trips, robert kennedy, roller coasters, rufus wainwright, running jokes, san francisco, santiago calatrava, simon and garfunkel, small batch bourbon, sondre lerche, soup spoons, spalding gray, stanley kubrick, stax, steve mcqueen, tabasco, tall buildings, tenacious d, the beatles, the daily show, the decemberists, the del mccoury band, the marx brothers, the mountain goats, the simpsons, the smothers brothers, the sopranos, the west wing, the white stripes, the zombies, they might be giants, traveling, trebuchets, tsongas, updating my interests section, vegetarianism, vienna, walking the final blocks, white tea, william faulkner, wine, wynton marsalis, zapatistas